A Guide to Gifts that Give Back

December promotes little moments that bring great joy: Christmas spiked drinks, celebratory gatherings, and perfectly packaged gifts that bring happiness and delight to its recipients. While these are all precious moments rightly celebrated, let us not forget the hearts that struggle on a daily basis for simple necessities. Our holiday theme this year is to gift graciously, or to […]

How to Create a Uniquely Chic Space (and Impress Guests!)

Mother Nature is Earth’s goddess. While temperamental at times, she also gifts peaceful positivity through moments of purity lost in the daily grind of our 9-5’s. These fragments of purity can be synthetically replicated by bringing Earth-to-home accessories into your home to build a sanctuary individually yours. We love the traditional holiday décor as much […]

Lemon and Dill Kabobs

Everything You Need to Know to Throw the Perfect Summer Dinner Party

The Invites Advice: “The perfect number for a dinner party is six to eight. You want festive conversation but not so many people that the conversations are always split up.” – Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan, The Kitchen by Apartment Therapy Tip: Online tools make it easy to communicate expressively, such as Paperless Post, who collaborates with leading […]

With Love, from Uganda

24 – the number of children Brittany Merrill Underwood, a then sophomore in college, witnessed living in a young Ugandan woman, Sarah’s, home. Compassion rose to action as Brittany founded an organization to construct an orphanage to house these 24 children who were sleeping on the floor. In Ugandan villages, women raising 10+ children in their […]