How to Write a Love Letter

When was the last time you received a handwritten love letter? (Yeah, us too…)

Love letters are even better now than they were before. To receive a handwritten love letter is truly a gift with ultimate staying power – a time capsule of devotion.

Now, give us a pen and paper and ask us to write a love letter and we’d freeze (you mean, we can’t just use the heart-eyed emoji?).

We pulled the book For the Love of Letters by Samara O’Shea off of our shelves and handpicked a few tips on how to write a love letter.

How to start
One quick sentence and you’re good to go. Try starting with a sense of urgency, “There’s something very important that I need to tell you.” Confessing a state of helplessness also works well, “I’m sitting here unable to focus and barely able to breathe, as thoughts of you are taking on a life of their own.”

Take Note of the Time
If you’ve been together for a short time, write “I can’t believe my feelings have grown so strong in only four months.” If you’ve been together forever, then that certainly deserves a nod: “Well, would you look at that? After thirty years I think it’s safe to say we beat the odds.”

Fake ‘Em Out
You could write something like, “You, for some reason, find it necessary to distract me from work on a regular basis. Thank you so much for doing that.”

Counteract the Clichés
Play with words. Instead of writing “You have beautiful eyes,” try “I’m helpless in the presence of your electric eyes.” Instead of, “I love your smile,” try something like “Your smile is my favorite distraction.”

Role Reversal
Think of a few compliments that your love may not be used to hearing because of their sex. You can tell a woman you admire her for her strength, courage, or determination. You can tell a man how beautiful he is.

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