Gifts Your Foodie Friends Will Love

Holiday Gifts for the Foodie

Delightful delicacies dance on our taste buds during the holiday season. More than a guilty pleasure, sweet and savory treats bring people together in celebration of community and company. It’s a gift we can all relate to and appreciate. Here are six gifts that will entertain your recipient’s palate and pack a pretty presentation.

Mrs. Weinstein’s Toffee for a chocolate crunch of delight

Louis Sherry Chocolates for a French-inspired petite treat

Edible Glitter Spread to dress up croissants, crumpets, and toast for an extra-special holiday breakfast

Lemon Artichoke Pesto Dip (on Oprah’s Favorite Things show and O Magazine pick!) for a precious package of artichoke hearts at their peak and the richness of olive oil and Parmesan cheese (a gift of easy entertaining!)

Chocolate covered almonds masquerading as olives for a clever little candy that gifts joy

Brie Cheese Baker for a classic savory-sweet appetizer in a special ceramic baker
{How it works: Place a wheel of cheese inside and bake for 15 minutes, then spread with your favorite jam, and bake for a few minutes more. Serve warm, using the included bamboo spreader to scoop the rich, melted cheese onto crackers or crust bread.}