A Guide to Gifts that Give Back

gifts that give

December promotes little moments that bring great joy: Christmas spiked drinks, celebratory gatherings, and perfectly packaged gifts that bring happiness and delight to its recipients.

While these are all precious moments rightly celebrated, let us not forget the hearts that struggle on a daily basis for simple necessities. Our holiday theme this year is to gift graciously, or to buy a product that gifts delight to dual recipients: those that are close to you and those you’ve never met.

Here are five brands that bring cheer, locally and internationally:

Hand-blown glass ornaments and Chavez for Charity armlets that give back to Grace Centers of Hope, a Pontiac-based housing and homeless shelter devoted to positively changing the lives of men, women and children

31 Bits and Akola connect artisans in Uganda to the international market to allow them to earn an income and provide for their families

Red Lokai bracelet’s protect children from harm and gift the opportunity to learn through the graces of Save the Children

We’d love to hear what your favorite brands are that give back. Tell us in a comment below!